Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile floors make a beautiful addition to any room but, over time, their maintenance needs can become a burden for home and business owners. Their porous texture invites dirt and grime to dig deep within their surface in such a way that only professional tile and grout cleaning methods can truly release them. Regular hand mopping and scrubbing can temporarily improve their look (somewhat), but only on the top-most surface. If you own tile floors, you’ve probably noticed what we’re talking about. Over the months and years your tile and grout’s colors change and never fully return to their original states. Even the soaps and cleaning detergents that you use slowly build up on the surface (as a residue) to further distort their natural colors.

Cleaning Deeper Than Just Beauty

This is where professional tile cleaning comes in. Using special pressure washing equipment made specifically for tile, All Ways Carpet has the ability to completely restore your floor’s color and shine to again match the other interior decorating decisions that they were intended to compliment. Our high-pressure tile and grout cleaning does much more than simply restore aesthetics. Our pressure cleaning system will completely extract all of the dirt, soil, and gunk that has sunk into the pores of the material — all those places that are unreachable with hand cleaning equipment. With power pressure tile cleaning, your tile floors will be far more than just clean-looking. They will actually be cleaner than the day that they were installed.

Grout Sealer for Tile

In addition, we also offer a special grout sealing that we apply after the cleaning is complete. Sealing your grout puts a protective barrier over it and substantially reduces the ability for the grout to collect more dirt after being restored, greatly lengthening the time between professional cleanings and saving you money in the long run. Tile grout sealer is especially important to prevent stains from liquid spills and tracked-in traffic dirt that are common in tiled rooms. After applying the grout sealer, it requires 24 hours to completely cure.

Fast & Simple

It sounds quite “involved,” but tile and grout cleaning with All Ways is actually much more quick and convenient than you might think. For a typical room, we will complete the pressure washing in just 30-60 minutes. After we’re done, you can start walking on your beautifully-restored tile floors in as little as 30 minutes. If you choose to include grout sealing, we only recommend that you avoid liquid contact on the sealer for the first 24 hours while it cures. We’ll literally be in and out before you know it, and, because our cleaning process is completely residue-free, the only thing we’ll leave behind will be your expertly restored floors.

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