Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning brings your home’s carpets back to their original beauty, using only the most modern and safe equipment and cleaning agents available.
Our experience and powerful equipment will bring the perfect combination of heat, chemicals, agitation, and cleaning time to your carpets, ensuring the best, most brilliant results possible. As professional carpet cleaners know, it takes all four of these elements to properly maintain the carpet in your home.

Powerful Truck-Mounted Equipment

With All Ways Carpet, we arrive to your location with high-powered, truck mounted steam equipment. Hot steam is by far the best way to clean carpets. The heat dislodges all dirt and unwanted particles in the carpet with the least amount of agitation, and less agitation means a longer life span for your carpets. Our 4-step process will extract all ground-in dirt, pollen, and pet dander without leaving any cleaning residue behind. The result? Clean, great smelling, allergen-free carpets for you to enjoy. In addition, our skilled technicians will thoroughly address any stains or problem areas with rotary power scrubbing or other more heavy duty procedures until they are completely restored, no matter how tough. Because of our careful, health- and beauty-focused techniques, your carpets will remain clean and bright long after our work is done.

Area Rug Cleaning

When it’s time to bring in a professional carpet cleaner, many home and business owners often overlook the needs of their area rugs. For each fabric type it is essential to choose the cleaning method and detergents that will completely extract all of the dirt without damaging the material. With years of experience in area rug cleaning, we will consult with you about the fabric types of your rugs and choose the cleaning method that is best for each, and every rug material is different. This is especially important for expensive or delicate area rugs or those made of natural fibers. When we arrive, we will do all of the work for you, including carefully moving and protecting all furniture in the room before, during and after the cleaning. Area rug cleaning with All Ways is very affordable, especially when bundling the service with regular carpet cleaning, and we recommend area rug cleaning every 12 to 18 months for the best look and feel of your rugs.

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