Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

All Ways Carpet has been serving commercial clients in the North Central, Texas area with comprehensive facility cleaning and floor restoration services since 1999. As a commercial client, we guarantee that you will receive the highest degree of attention to detail to your facility, delivered quickly and professionally every time. Whatever the cleaning and maintenance needs are for your facility, All Ways is ready to serve you. Contact Us for a Commercial Cleaning Quote! Call Us At: (972) 712-3611

Long-lasting Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Whether your facility has carpet or tile flooring, we will be able to make them look like new with a heavy duty floor cleaning using our powerful cleaning equipment. Dirt and stains build up over time, seeping deeply into carpet fibers and the porous surfaces of your tile. Regular cleanings alone can never reach the deep places where the dirt and grime live, and regular tile cleanings can actually make them look worse over time by leaving behind a layer of residue that builds up over the tile. A deep floor cleaning from All Ways Carpet accomplishes what regular cleanings cannot. Our equipment is designed to penetrate flooring all the way through and completely extract every bit of dirt. Your floors won’t just look clean; they truly will be clean, and you will be able to see it in their newly-restored, residue-free shine.

Grout Color Sealing for Tile Floors

We recommend our grout sealing service after tile cleanings, especially for facilities and commercial buildings that see a lot of walking traffic. Sealing your tile grout after a cleaning will help to preserve the color of your grout and and increase the amount of time between cleanings. If you’ve looked at your tile flooring recently, you have probably noticed the discoloration in the grout lines. Professional grout sealings place a protective coat over your tile’s grout lines that repels dirt and ensures that your tile floors look beautiful long after we’re gone.

Strip and Wax (VTC Floors)

VTC floors in your facility? No problem. We specialize in VTC floor maintenance, including the specialized stripping and waxing that is required to maintain their shine and prevent the buildup of stains.

Ongoing Maintenance and Cleaning

All Ways is proud to provide regular floor cleaning services to our commercial clients between deep cleanings. We offer very competitive rates to commercial clients who put the care of their buildings’ floors into our hands. Our team is fast, courteous, and professional, and we are able to keep your floors looking like new with minimal impact on your business or other operations. The only sign left behind that we were ever there will be a job well done.

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