Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

The furniture pieces in your home represent a significant investment, so don't give up on them just because of a little dirt. With professional help from All Ways, and our signature furniture and upholstery cleaning services, we can redeem your couches, love seats, and chairs from the impending donation drop, bringing them all the way back to original condition. Upholstery cleaning is much more affordable than replacing furniture. Simply take a look at your furniture as it looks right now and try to image the years of use lifting away . . .

Material Matters with Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture's material determines which cleaning method and detergents that we use: hot water extraction for tougher, durable fabrics and a more gentle (but equally effective) steam cleaning process for delicate fabrics. Dirt, pet dander, spills, stains, age are no match for the All Ways hot water extraction and steam cleaning furniture treatments. No matter the material of your upholstery, the right equipment and gentle detergents can get them looking like new in a matter of moments. Selecting the correct cleaning process affects more than just the cleaning outcome. Skilled upholstery cleaning also extends the life of your furniture, saving you additional costs in the long-term. Most people are surprised to learn that dirt and grime do more than discolor fabric and cause odor. Dirt particles actually cause friction in your upholstery that increase wear on the furniture pieces you love. We recommend furniture cleaning about every 6 months, so you'll actually be able to keep your furniture longer. And, of course, it will be looking as good as new.

Residue Free. Worry Free.

As with all of the home cleaning services at All Ways Carpet Cleaning, we carefully select upholstery cleaning agents that are safe and leave no residue behind. Using incorrect cleaning agents on furniture is the most common mistake made by furniture owners and less-experienced cleaning services, and the results are visible. The detergents stay and in the fabric, discolor the upholstery, and, like with dirt, can cause additional, avoidable wear. When you put your trust in All Ways, we guarantee professional results that you will be proud to recommend to others.

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